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Who we are

Brain2Fact Group founded in 2005, with a vision in mind, to identify the gaps in the MENA region markets and provide satisfactory solutions while leaving a remarkable mark.
Since then and over the past 15 years, it has proven to be one of the strongest and pioneering groups in many different fields, from day one, it was clear that ambition and hardworking are the fuel that drives the group to achieve its unique vision and goals.
Starting with a marketing solutions company, which presented many innovative and unprecedented ideas, causing a huge buzz in the marketing field, which caught the attention of many mega brands to work with brain2fact.
Then Brain2fact group went into rapid growth and expanded to be holding now 5 pioneering companies in many different fields, which allows the group to expand geographically from its headquarters in Egypt to establish a solid presence in the UAE, Kuwait, and Belgium.

Our Top Mission

To be one of the pioneering groups in the MENA region by bridging the never-ending gap between untapped and open opportunities in the markets and the ideal solutions to get the most out of these opportunities