Real Estate Dev. & Property Mng.

Design Review

Design review stage including review and comments asper the operator point of view for the Architecture Drawings, MEP Drawings, Structure Drawings, and Project Specifications with all their progress starting from concept, schematic, detailed drawings till reaching the Project tender documents.


The operation stage includes all activities of administration and operation management including security, housekeeping, and others for the building.

Site Supervision

Site Supervision stage includes: - Site review and inspection for the Structure Skeleton, MEP, Finishing, and Decoration activities. - Weekly inspection and site meeting. - Weekly report including technical comments. - Weekly report including following up with the project time schedule and action plan commitments. - Preparing Arch. Plans for the tenants meeting with the clients on the site for leasing purposes during the construction period.


The leasing Stage will start 6 to 8 months before project handover and will include getting tenants to lease the leasable area.

Business Development

• Monitor and analyze current market conditions for clients. • Monitor and analyze the feasibility studies for different kinds of projects. • Initiate strategies for small, medium, and large companies to make steady profits. • Monitor, review and analyze strategies in marketing, sales, advertising, and other fields of operations. • Create strategies for existing accounts to generate business. • Develop and prepare presentations for prospective clients. • Initiate plans for client companies to achieve profits and reduce losses. • Design and develop products, services, and too