Recycling Used Cooking Oil

     We have three recycling Kiosks so far, where you can exchange solid trash and used cooking oil for cash and also help save the environment. 

      Cooking oil should not be the thrown down the drain. When you pour cooking oil and other forms of grease down the drain, you’re sending down a compound that can clog the flow of water, affecting a lot of animals and plants. Clogs happen when multiple groups of carelessly-disposed-of oil join together. These happen so frequently and they’re so problematic that they are actually named (fatberg).

      Visit our Recycling kiosk to exchange used cooking oil for money and help save the environment.
عنوان منفذ شارع اسوان: تقاطع شارع القشلاق مع اسوان أمام شركة المياه، ميدان المحكمة، مصر الجديدة.
عنوان منفذ حدائق القبه: تقاطع شارع دويدار، أمام مستشفي سان بول، حدائق القبه.

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